a seagull stole sandeul’s ice cream.

when a seagull steals your ice cream (…)

(出典: chaootic)

sandeul and gongchan playing as cowboys in dallas before high touch.


B1A4 Road Trip Tour SF 10/11/14. Photos taken by sam-got-no-jams. Do not edit.


The B1A4 Road Trip Tour in SF. One of the best days of my life. My friend and I were waiting in line around 4 and we made friends with these two girls behind us, they were really pretty and chill, kind of bummed that we didn’t get their names. But if somehow you were the girl with the comme des fuckdown beanie and you’re reading this…. HI! Lol anyways getting into the floor area was kind of sucky too, i’ll keep in mind that next time i am for sure going for just the seats bc a five foot tall girl standing on her tippy toes the whole 2 hours was painful. I felt like i was watching most if the concert through iphone screens 😆😆 BUT LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT THEIR ENGLISH INTROS
CNU: damn zaddy pretty sure i fell in love with him that night
Baro: thats my bae so anything he says is cute
Sandeul: “SAN FRANCISCOOOOO” i believed my name was san francisco for the night bc of the amount of times he said it throughout the concert
Gongchan: i was so happy to see him! People were saying that he was sick and might not even make it tonight but he did and he was so cute as always
Jinyoung: HIS ENGLISH TOTALLY THREW ME OFF, right from when he said “hello” i lost it. It was so deep like woah
A memorable thing would probably be Baro throwing a water bottle at the crowd lol( like bruh we’re in a drought), it landed so close to us but i didnt want to risk losing my spot.

The concert was fucking awesome, sucked bc standing on tippy toes the whole time but still awesome