b1a4’s babely manager an gwangshik…

b1a4 taking selfie in melbourne

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Oh my god indeed

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B1A4 Road Trip 2014 at Big Top [Sydney]

2014 09 20


B1A4 @ Road Trip Tour in Sydney, Australia (200914)

photos taken by yen
edited by euro

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B1A4 Road Trip Sydney!


B1A4 Road Trip 2014 at Big Top [Sydney]

2014 09 20


140920 - B1A4 Road Trip Concert Sydney
This concert was awesome!!!
B1A4 are the best at fan service~ especially Baro and CNU~
I was finally in VIP for a concert but sadly didn’t get barrier :( but because I am tall, everyone in front of me was shorter than me~
CNU noticed me a lot because of the CNU sign I held up a lot and he pointed to me multiple times and agh it was amazing~<3 (notice the photo where he’s pointing at me and the lyrics say “loving you”)
At the high touch afterwards, Gongchan said “very beautiful!” And complimented my B1A4 headphones :’)
I confessed my love to Shinwoo saying “I love you!” As our hands touched, and he laughed that wonderful laugh of his, I swear he looked a bit embarrassed <3 there’s one member who has really cold hands (could be Jinyoung)…
I have so many photos and videos~
After the concert, B1A4 went out drinking and as a result of that, they were hungover earlier today…
( ̄▽ ̄) wish I could’ve seen them around Sydney…